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Professional Jet Pumps Installations in Kamloops

Rely on Johnson's Ground Water Services for quality jet pumps in Kamloops. We supply, repair, install, and service all types of jet pumps. The function of a jet pump is the same as a submersible pump, the only difference being these are installed above the ground. They are designed for shallow applications and lakes, and the bigger ones can be used for farm irrigation. Jet pumps run on kinetic energy and the principles of flow dynamics. These are most commonly used for water wells. Ideal for shallow wells, these pumps can be installed in areas where the water table is high.

If you are looking for quality installation services, get in touch with us. Our experienced and knowledgeable professionals will help you choose the right pump for your well. If you require more information, we will be happy to help you.

Is Your Water Safe to Drink?

We install pumps and offer well inspection and water treatment services.

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