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Water Treatment Services in Kamloops

Johnson's Ground Water Services offers quality water treatment services in Kamloops to ensure you have access to fresh, clean, and safe water. Our experienced and knowledgeable team will test the water in your house and provide the required treatment. We will check for acidity, iron content, and other minerals in the water and suggest treatments to make it safe to drink. We supply and install systems specifically designed for your needs, based on test results from the lab. Safe water is not only required to drink but also to brush your teeth and wash your clothes. If the water is hard and contains impurities, such as lead and iron, it can damage your clothes. Listed below are the types of water treatments we offer:

  • Water softeners

  • Ultraviolet light filters

  • Iron filters

  • Reverse osmosis

  • Fluoride filters

  • Lead filters

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Is Your Water Safe to Drink?

We install pumps and offer well inspection and water treatment services.

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