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Quality Submersible Pumps in Kamloops

If you are looking for submersible pumps in Kamloops, look no further than Johnson's Ground Water Services. We have pumps in all sizes, including horsepower sizes and gallons per minute. Get in touch with us for repair, rebuild, and service of pumps.

Used for residential, irrigational, and municipal applications, these pumps run on a motor, coupled with a stage pump. This allows the system to operate when submerged. Submersible pumps are commonly used to move water and other thin liquids with or without solids, based on the type of the impeller. Whether you need these pumps for residential or industrial purposes, we can help you choose the right pump based on your requirements. The only way to get the water out of the ground is by installing a quality submersible pump.


Call us today for more information about our services.

Is Your Water Safe to Drink?

We install pumps and offer well inspection and water treatment services.

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